Pregnant and Considering Adoption

About Adoption

Adoption is a loving choice. Thinking about what's best for your baby and about the future you want for your child is what adoption is all about. By choosing the adoptive family you feel is right for your baby you will be giving your child the life you imagine. Adoption is making a plan for your child's life.

Right now the thoughts and questions you have can be overwhelming. While making an adoption plan, you have options. You choose whether you want to 

Your Choices Include:

Decide if you want to live in our maternity dorm or Live at Home in your own environment. No matter where you are living in the United States, we are here to help you. We'll provide counseling services, housing and living expenses, after adoption care, and a listening ear.

That's why we're here - to help you understand every option so you can make choices that are right for you. That's why we put this site together. So take a look, watch the adoption stories, and if you have questions along the way, please ask.


We are here to listen and to help. Just call 1-800-GLADNEY (800-452-3639) and talk with a counselor.